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International Soprano certified in the Alexander Technique.

Alexander Technique

International Operatic Soprano and certified teacher of the Alexander Technique (AmSAT), Michele Capalbo understands the importance of balancing the demands of virtuoso singing with an appropriate amount of muscular engagement and postural alignment. She works with singers to help them identify unconscious chronic tensions that interfere with the natural function and beauty of their voice. 

Graduate of the Dimon Institute in New York City

Certified by the American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT).

Available for Workshops and Master Classes

Lectures offered: AT for Singers, AT for Musicians

Community School Classes offered: Reduce Pain and Tension through the Alexander Technique

Private lessons available: Manhattan and Ridgewood, NJ 


Contact Michele here.

Group Lessons in the Alexander Technique

March 2019, Reduce Pain and Tension through the Alexander Technique

offered through Paramus Community Schools, Paramus, NJ

Private Lessons in the Alexander Technique

Tel: 646.267.0857

Who takes Alexander Lessons?

The Alexander Technique is of particular benefit to anyone experiencing chronic tension, or daily pain and discomfort. 

Many performing artists find the Alexander Technique useful to eliminate harmful movement patterns in order to maintain their high level of skill and optimize their performance.

What happens in an Alexander Lesson?

During an Alexander Technique lesson, the teacher uses a gentle hands on technique to guide the student. Lessons are tailored to each individual. A typical course of lessons first addresses the release of chronic tensions, and then begins to identify an individual's unconscious habits of movement in daily activities. As harmful habitual actions are identified the student will begin to consciously reintegrate their movements into a synergistic coordinated whole. 

Over the course of lessons, a student will learn how to address musculoskeletal conditions that are the source of chronic pain and take steps toward preventing them in the future. Chair and table work are common. 

Please dress comfortably and expect to move. Shirts with sleeves are requested. If you wear skirts or dresses. please bring leggings to wear underneath.

Video credit: STAT


Individual AT Lesson 45 minutes: $75.00
10 AT Lesson Package: $675.00 (expires in 4 months)

Payments may be made by cash or personal check at the time of the session, excepting prepaid lesson packages.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations for private lessons within twenty-four (24) hours of a scheduled session will be charged in full.

Have AT - Will Travel​

Not in northern NJ or New York City? I can travel to your location to work with your group. Please contact me for information on group lessons, lectures, workshops and masterclasses. Past groups of singers and musicians that I have worked with include are listed here.

Articles on the benefits of the Alexander Technique

British Medical Journal: Randomised controlled trial of Alexander technique lessons, exercise, and massage (ATEAM) for chronic and recurrent back pain.

The Alexander Technique: Can it Heal Your Back Pain?

Actors Swear By This Mindful Movement  Practice. Here’s How You Can Benefit From It, Too

Books on the Alexander Technique

Books by F. M. Alexander

Man's Supreme Inheritance, F. M. Alexander

Constructive Conscious Control of the Individual, F. M. Alexander

The Use of the Self, F. M. Alexander

The Universal Constant in Living, F. M. Alexander

The Essential Writings of F. Matthias Alexander, ed. Edward Maisel

New to the Alexander Technique? These books may be of interest.

Explaining the Alexander Technique: The Writings of F. Matthias Alexander, Walter Carrington and Sean Carey

Body Learning: An Introduction to the Alexander Technique, Michael Gleb

Freedom to Change: Development and Science of the Alexander Technique, Frank Pierce Jones

The Alexander Technique and Singing

Anatomy of the Voice, Dr. Theodore Dimon

Your Body, Your Voice: The Key to Natural Singing and Speaking, Dr. Theodore Dimon

Born to Sing: A singer's journey toward mind-body, Ron Murdock

Art of Breathing: Collected Articles, Jessica Wolf

The Alexander Technique for Musicians

The Alexander Technique for Musicians, Judith Kleinman and Peter Buckoke

What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body:The Application of Body Mapping to Making Music, Barbara Conable

Indirect Procedures: A Musician's Guide to the Alexander Technique, Pedro de Alcantara

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