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International Soprano certified in the Alexander Technique.


Available for private lessons, masterclasses, vocal adjudication and consultation.
  • Professional experience grounded in Italian Opera of the 19th and early 20th centuries, most notably Verdi and Puccini.

  • Vocal technique and performance practices based on the Alexander Technique.

  • Evidence-based vocal pedagogy.

  • Alexander Technique lectures and workshops for singers and musicians

  • Body Mapping for singers and musicians

  • Mentorship of young singers through music festival adjudication.

Teaching Philosophy

I aim to have an open dialogue and to encourage students to be engaged and curious. As a performer, I understand the need for feedback in a calm actionable manner. It’s my goal to approach each student with open ears and an open mind in order to identify what motivates the student to learn, and to help them patiently integrate information. 

I believe in the value of developing voices healthfully without excess chronic tension to facilitate flexibility, ease throughout the range with dynamic variety.

I incorporate the Alexander Technique into my teaching. As a certified teacher of this technique, I’ve found that the pursuit of optimal and efficient singing, is greatly facilitated by this discipline. To that end, there is often a 'hands-on' element in my lessons to facilitate a singer’s awareness of their habits.


I insist on professionalism in the studio. This includes students being on time, prepared and courteous, with a willingness to make an effort. Curiosity is a plus.


Ultimately, each student must understand that they are the steward of their own instrument. Independence is encouraged. Some autonomy and work outside studio time is expected if a student wishes to progress.


Catering to serious students of singing, emerging artists, and professionals. My international performance background includes principle operatic roles and classical symphonic concerts.

Rates and Studio Policies

Individual Voice Lessons:

  • 30 minutes: $50.00

  • 60 minutes: $100


Please contact me for rates and information on a combined AT/Voice lesson.

Payments may be made by cash or personal check at the time of the session.​

Cancellations within twenty-four (24) hours of a scheduled session will be charged in full.

Please click here for Michele's Adjudicator Biography


Please contact me for information on group lessons, lectures, workshops, masterclasses and adjudication.

Sep 21, 2018


Alexander Technique for Musicians

12:00 pm ​Lecture and workshop presented on the Alexander Technique with music students at Carleton University. Ottawa, Canada 

Sep 21, 2018

Ottawa, ON

Alexander Technique Masterclass

7:00-10:00 pm Vocal Masterclass with voice students from Carleton University integrating the principles of the Alexander Technique. Ottawa, Canada.

Sep 28, 2018


Alexander Technique and the Voice

Lecture and workshop presented on the Alexander Technique with the voice students at Western University. London, Canada

Sep 29, 2018


Masterclass at Western University

Masterclass with the voice students at Western University integrating the principles of the Alexander Technique. London, Canada.

Feb 01, 2019


Masterclass at Yeoryia Studios in New York City; Mitchell Cirker, pianist

Epic Building, 2067 Broadway (71st and 72nd)

Please visit for more information.


Brandon Festival of the Arts

Vocal Adjudicator February 13-16, 2019


British Columbia Provincial Music Festival Finals

Choral and Vocal Variety Adjudicator May 27-30, 2019

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Tel: 646.267.0857

Studio locations:

Ridgewood, NJ

New York, NY

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